How much does Workyard cost?

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Workyard is free to download and 100% free for contractors. We charge a small Winner’s Fee to subcontractors only when they get hired for the job. The Winner's Fee for each job is different and is always displayed upfront.

If you’re looking to hire subcontractors, it’s totally free to post jobs and you can post as many jobs as you’d like.

How do you calculate the Winner's Fee you charge the subcontractor?

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We charge a small percentage of the total contract size only if a subcontractor wins the job. The fee depends on the size of the job, profession, location and other parameters.

If there is a Winner’s Fee attached to the job, it is always displayed when a subcontractor applies for the job. It’s totally free to apply for as many jobs as you like.

The Winner’s Fee is Workyard’s Win-Win Policy, it means Workyard only gets paid when you win work.

Who are the subcontractors? Are they companies, individuals or labour hire?

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The subcontractors are a mix of companies and independent contractors. Some are individuals or small teams, and some of them are construction companies with a crew of people.

Are you a labour hire company?

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No, we are network for construction professionals. We are purely a connector between quality subcontractors and head contractors for short term contracts.

Do you only do subcontracting jobs or can I post a job for a full time employee?

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At Workyard we only post jobs for short to medium term subcontracting jobs. Users sign up to our platform as subcontractors and, as such, are looking for subcontracting work, not offers for full time employment. As much as we love helping construction professionals find subcontractors to get the job down, we unfortunately don't post jobs for full time workers..

What’s the price charged by the subcontractors?

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We don’t determine the price, it’s set by the subcontractor and varies between each profession, area and individual rate. If you are looking to hire subcontractors, you post out a job with the requirements and quality subcontractors will get back to you with their rates or quotes.

How can I trust the subcontractors applying for my projects?

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Workyard is more than just a platform to post jobs and find work, it is a network of construction professionals, where users post pictures of their past and current work and discover other’s work.

This aspect makes Workyard different to other platforms because all our users actually post pictures of their past work and projects on the platform. So when subcontractors apply for your job they send you a portfolio of their past work that you can screen and review before you connect with them.

How many subcontractors usually apply for a job?

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Typically 3-6 subcontractors apply for each job on Workyard. This varies based on the profession, contract size and area.

Are all contractors licensed and insured?

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At the moment it’s up to the subcontractor to take responsibility for their profile by uploading their license and insurance information.

If a subcontractor applies for a job and has their licenses and insurances on their profile, you will receive these along with their past projects in their application. For those who have not yet completed their profiles, you can simply ask them about their licenses and insurance types when they apply for the job.

Does the payment between contractors and subcontractors go through Workyard?

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No, contractors pay subcontractors directly based on the terms agreed between the two parties.

Where can I find your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

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You can find our Terms of Service by clicking here.

You can find our Privacy Policy by clicking here.