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How to win work on Workyard

Pinpoint the jobs you love working on
You tell us what type of work you’re interested in and we match you with opportunities.
Bid on unlimited jobs for free
We send you high quality job opportunities matched to your skills & availability.
Pay only when you win
We charge a fee only when we confirm you've won the job. Learn more about pricing.

Grow your business with Workyard

Don’t waste your time with dead end leads. When you join Workyard we ask you to provide some information about your business & work. We use your details to perfectly match you with subcontracting jobs you’ll be interested in and have the highest chance of winning. The best part, it’s free to
 receive job leads!

Get sent jobs you actually want

No spam here. Get sent job leads that match your criteria. You tell us what type of leads you want to receive, from the services you cover, to the industry sector, your service area and contract value.

Good businesses are rewarded

We make sure the cowboys don’t win the work you deserve. To bid on job leads we ask that you provide some evidence of your work by uploading photos & references from previous jobs & also licensing details.

Trust who you're going to work for

We background check every company who posts a job on Workyard to ensure they’re a legitimate operation. You also see reviews from subcontractors who have previously worked for them.

Pay only when you're hired

Receiving leads and bidding on jobs is free on Workyard. You pay a Winners Fee when we confirm you’ve been hired. Learn more


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